Today, we will present to you Calibre’s top three office trends to watch out for in 2018 which have derived from Forbes’s inspiring article.

To begin with, based on historical data, it’s clear that there was an immense amount of emphasis on biophilic office design, collaborative workspaces and office ergonomics last year. Are these office trends still applicable this year or are there new ones we should now be made aware of?

We will now explore this notion further and outline our favourites from the Forbes article.

While the Forbes article concentrates heavily on the financial and mental wellness of employees in the workplace, our experts at Calibre feel that it is just as important for businesses to get their office furniture solutions right. These are believed to play an important role towards an individuals mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, if you’re providing your office workers with ergonomic office chairs and an ergonomic style office desk then it’s fair to say that you’re on the right track already.

There has been a lot of interest around collaborative workspaces in 2017 and this trend is likely to continue in the future. As mentioned in the Forbes article leaders are eager to encourage more human interaction in the workplace than ever before.


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