No matter how much you love your job there will still be times when you could really do with a motivational boost. It’s true, humans are very complexed species. Even when we have everything, we act as if we have nothing and are often in constant need of injecting regular feel-good factors into our lives to keep us going. Sounds almost like dealing with an addiction, doesn’t it?

Office workers are no different. In the modern working place including Calibre Office Furniture, it’s become extremely commonplace for employers to take various unique and inventive measures if they wish to keep their staff productive and engaged. If you’re under the impression that obvious motivational factors like a pay rise would do the trick to improve staff productivity, then you’re truly mistaken. Our office furniture specialists at Calibre also agree with this.

Employers, no sweat! We’ve got this! In this article, we will go through some of the greatest and most imaginative office hacks that will help you improve your staff productivity levels via our office hacks video below.


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