Today’s topic of discussion will be based around the concept of leasing. Let’s start by defining what leasing means in the business world. Leasing simply relates to the rental/ borrowing of goods rather than buying assets outright.

Businesses can for example lease office furniture items such as office desks, reception furniture, boardroom office furniture and even office chairs if they wanted to provided they have the funding for it. There are numerous benefits of leasing and many businesses are now showing greater interest towards this notion.

As you can imagine, the subject of leasing is greatly broad so we will just focus on discussing the benefits of leasing office furniture for organisations.

Benefit 1: it’s a cost-efficient option for businesses

The purchasing of office furniture can prove expensive especially as business owners have the duty more than ever before to keep health and safety practices in mind when buying. For starters, everything should be ergonomic in the workplace ranging from the reception chairs in the reception area to the boardroom chairs around every single conference table.


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